Professor Toxician
Mitchell sisson toxician
Mitchell sisson render toxician 1
Mitchell sisson rat scienctist 2

1st digital painting concept

Mitchell sisson rat scienctist original drawing

Original Drawing

"Not all the citizens within the kingdom's city limit are graceful and helpful. Professor Toxician is one of the cities most evil and disturbing individuals. With his love for science, he conjures the most poisonous toxins he can for the highest bidder or someone that gets in his way. He fights against every member of team United, with his own team of villains the Villar. Corrupted by greed, power, and desire to control all of the city. They will do whatever it takes to get what they want." - Professor Toxician. Another animal creature, Professor Toxician. set in the same world with Doctor Cowrath. Update: Finish with the 3D process of Professor Toxician and Update with some render stills